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A Party, 2012
72 h x 59 1/2 w in
183 h x 151 w cm

A Party is a whimsical oil on canvas painting of a plump partygoers at a house party. Voluptuous women and a plump man, all with amusing proportions of small heads and hands, congregate around a wooden table with their drinks and cigarettes. Botero renders the partygoers and their objects of bottles, shoes, blue rug and glowing light bulb hanging from the ceiling, in his signature rotund technique ‘Boterismo.’ The exaggerated figures are sites of experimentation, as they allow Botero to apply more color with a sensuality and profusion of form. A woman in a pink slip dress with gray stockings is the focus of the piece, while a brilliant blue suited man plays guitar behind her alongside a woman in red. A drunken man sleeps beneath the table, as bottles roll away from him, and an arm reaches in from the side holding a highball glass, suggesting the party extends beyond the pictorial space within the frame. The small details of an ashtray, cigarettes, cups and pink earrings create the ambiance of a party. Botero masterfully creates a composition full of motion, movement and excitement with his vibrant colors and human shapes, a method also seen in his other party work Dancing Couple (A Party).

The whimsical proportions of the partygoers are mirrored in Botero’s bronze sculptures of people and animals, such as Woman on Horse and Maternity. Botero’s monumental public sculptures can be found on the streets of New York and Paris, among others. His mastery of voluptuous fleshy figures has become his trademark style and is immediately recognizable as Botero’s creations around the world.