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Pierrot, 2007
Oil on canvas
47.63 d x 38.13 w in.
121 h x 97 w cm

“At the circus, one finds colors, movements, poetry, expressions of the human spirit that one finds nowhere else.” – Fernando Botero

After Botero chanced upon a Mexican circus along the Pacific coast, he began to render the wit and humor of the circus world. Pierrot, like many circus works of exaggerated acrobats, tamers, performers, clowns, and animals reveal the inner world of the circus. Pierrot is an oil on canvas painting of a pneumatically inflated clown, a style known as the artist’s signature ‘Boterismo’ technique. The volume of the round clown allows the artist to apply more color with a sensuality and profusion of form. Beyond their seemingly colorful lives, Botero touches on the lonely lives of circus folk; Pierrot, the clown with red lips, a comical hat, large buttons and ruffled collar sits alone on a gold pedestal along the tent’s striped walls. Other circus works include Lion Tamer and Clown con Palla.