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The Wedding, 2015
Oil on canvas
47.25 d x 40.13 w in.
120 d x 102 w cm

The Wedding depicts a bride and groom on their wedding day with arches in the background that suggest a church. Drawing from art history, Botero synthesized art historical tradition of portraiture with contemporary elements and themes from Latin American life. The voluptuous figures, both with amusing small proportions of facial features stand beside each other with her arm linked through his. The wedding gown flows over the inflated bride and the groom wears a three-piece suit while holding a top hat. The couple is rendered in Botero’s signature rotund technique of ‘Boterismo.’ The exaggerated bodies are sites of experimentation, as they allow the artist to apply more color with a sensuality and profusion of form. The small details of polished nails, and details on the pink rose bouquet, and boutonniere create a romantic ambiance. This oil on canvas painting is both satirical and graceful, as it enchants and engages the viewer through art historical references of the female form and high societal themes dating back through time.

The whimsical proportions of The Wedding is mirrored in Botero’s bronze sculptures of people and animals, such as Woman on Horse and Maternity. Botero’s monumental public sculptures can be found on the streets of New York and Paris, among others. His mastery of voluptuous fleshy figures has become his trademark style and is immediately recognizable as Botero’s creations around the world.